Candidate Mark Shelley sitting in his home office with fingers interlaced, with a spreadsheet on the computer screen behind him

Fair Taxation

Sales taxes are too high in North Carolina.  When I was growing up the sales tax was 3 percent.  I recently paid 8 percent in Raleigh and my opponent recently introduced a bill that would increase local sales taxes in Cabarrus County by 22 percent.  At the same time, he voted to give big corporations like Duke Energy a 16 percent tax reduction.  This is not fair.

We were recently rated as “not tax friendly for retirees” by a national publication.  I will work to make North Carolina tax friendly and a retirement destination.

 I favor a constitutional amendment to limit both income and sales taxes to 7 percent.  By limiting one without the other, we will see taxes on retirees climb even higher.  I will work to protect working families and retirees from these high taxes.